What is the significance of the title of the poem "Uphill" by Christina Georgina Rossetti?

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In the poem 'Uphill' by Christina Rosetti, the poem's title aligns well with other language in the poem that alludes to the theme of 'work.' Everyone knows what it is like to try to progress up a hill - it is harder than going downhill, or walking on the level. It requires more effort, burns more calories and is more tiring. Christina Rosetti is sure to enquire whether there will be respite from all this hard work, rest and recuperation such as bed and board or good company like that of fellow travellers. Other language such as 'long' and 'labor' and 'slow' emphasise the tiring quality of the journey and the hardness of the going. However, whether it is the long road to spiritual heaven or just the long road of life,the answerer (God, friends gone before etc.) reassures her that she will be rewarded by rest and company and security.

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