Robinson Crusoe Questions and Answers
by Daniel Defoe

Robinson Crusoe book cover
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What is the significance of the title page of Robinson Crusoe?

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There are several significant points about the title page. The first significant point is that the author presents this fictional story as a personal autobiography, written by Robinson Crusoe himself.

Secondly, the author gives the reader a short summary of what they're about to read right in the title page. The great part about this is that the topic and the genre of the book, and who the lead character is, are clear from the very start. The author also uses descriptive words about the story and the work, drawing the reader in.

The title page of Robinson Crusoe says the following:

The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner:

Who Lived Eight and Twenty Years, all alone in an un-inhabited Island on the Coast of America, near the Mouth of the Great River of Oroonoque;

Having been Cast on Shore by Shipwreck, wherein all the Men perished but himself.

With an Account how he was at last as strangely deliver’d by Pyrates.

Written by Himself. 

London: Printed for W. Taylor at the Ship in Pater-Noster-Row.

Who is the lead character? Robinson Crusoe. Where is he from? York, Mariner. What happened to him? He lived all alone in an uninhabited island for 28 years. Where was the island? On the coast of America, near the Oroonoque river. How did he get there? He was shipwrecked and no one else survived. How did he finally get away from the island? By pirates.

The title page gives us all of this information and further presents that this account is narrated by the lead character himself. This is a great example of a literary summary. It tells us all that we need to know to understand the story and it also gives us an idea of whether this is a story that we will enjoy.

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