What is the significance of the title "The Open Window"?

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"The Open Window" is a significant title.  The very fact that the window is open is the stimulus for the story.  The young niece asks three or four questions Mr. Nuttel.  She finds out that he doesn't know her aunt; that he has never been in that town before; and that his sister lived there four years ago. The niece is a great story teller. That allows her to fabricate the tragedy that befell her aunt three years ago.  Her uncle and his brothers will be coming home from hunting soon, and she knows that they will come through the open window.  She uses the open window as a stimulus for her story.  She tells of a time three years ago when the men went off hunting and never came home.  She says her aunt thinks they will still return, so she keeps the window open.  When the men do return, Mr. Nuttel thhinks he is seeing ghosts; whereupon the niece spins another tale about the dog  and how Mr. Nuttel had been attacked by a pack of wild dogs in a graveyard.  She had a very active imagination

William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The title "The Open Window" suggests danger of some unknown kind. It should intrigue the reader sufficiently to want to read the story. Something is going to come through that open window. Otherwise the open window would not be used as the title. The open window also suggests vulnerability from the outside. Whatever danger threatens will be coming from outdoors. The title alone does not make the reader visualize the kind of window actually featured in the story, which is a tall window like a door, designed for people to use as an entry or exit. The words "the open window" might suggest that something harmful, like a burglary or even a murder, has already occurred. It could also suggest that somebody might have committed suicide by jumping--although the reader would quickly realize that the window is on the ground floor. The whole purpose of the title seems to be to create intrigue. It would be hard to think of a better title for Saki's story.

maria121 | Student

am not an expert but think about the word open? what it means? what it could mean?
and the word window.... e.g. leting sunlight through, sunlight=happy mood?

then think abt it in a bigger context, i.e. freedom, different prespective, different view.

people peak through windows??? privicy issue maybe??
jus analyse. you cant go tooo wrong in stuff like this/