"MASTER HAROLD" . . . and the Boys Questions and Answers
by Athol Fugard

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What is the significance of the title "Master Harold...and the Boys"? (Why is it the boys?)

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That's really funny that you ask, because I thought the exact same thing when I first read the piece.  I don't know for sure why the title is what it is, but I do have a couple of ideas.  

First, the title is not "Hally and the boys."  It could have been had this play taken place the day before.  It's clear that Hally and Sam have a very close relationship.  It's clear that Sam loves and cares for Hally deeply.  It's also shown that prior to the play, Hally thought of Sam as a kind of surrogate father.  "Hally and the Boys" would give the title of the piece a very informal vibe.  It would point to the camaraderie that Hally and Sam share.  It also would seem to show that Hally and the boys are equals. 

The title "Master Harold" comes from the...

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