what is the significance of the title of look back in anger

ashmit | Student

Look back in anger is a suitable title for the play.It has two part-look back and- in anger.certainly there is enough anger in the play.Its hero JimmyPorter,is an angry youngman.As one critic puts it he is furious with life.The title of the play is apt and appropriate.It is significant and suggestive.It hints the theme of the play .the story of the play moves around the play.In the play Osborne has depicted the mood of despair ,anger,and frustration of the postwar generation.It is study of class conflict and frustration caused by it.The title of the play indicate it.Seeing the title reader comes to know what the play is about.

rinarai06 | Student

The title of John Osborne's play "Look Back in Anger" is very much with the flow of the theme of the play. The entire play experiences the tremors of Jimmy's violently angry tirades directed at his fellow inhabitants in the play. Jimmy's anger is one of the predominant theme of the play affecting all those characters related to him. Another recurrant motive is Looking Back as most of the charcters including Alison, Helena and Coln Redfern reassess the past as they remember it. Unlike Jimmy who isnt able to transcend bygone sufferings, the others acknowledge their previous mistakes and express regret or repentance.

Hence the title not only signifies the emotional and psychological condition of the characters, it also stands representative for that age of the disgruntled young men of England without employment, oppurtunity and hope. The people found anger and directionless disillusionment following their every step. 


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