What is the significance of the chapter title "Huts on the Beach" in Lord of the Flies?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The chapter is called “Huts on the Beach” because the title is a juxtaposition of the boys’ attempts at civilization, “the huts,” and the reality of the situation, the beach.  The boys are mimicking the world they came from, but they are unable to accomplish a real structured lifestyle, or shelter.

The huts are also a test of Ralph’s leadership.  He cannot seem to get everyone working.

“And they keep running off. You remember the meeting? How everyone was going to work hard until the shelters were finished?” (ch 3)

Ralph cannot keep the boys working, and even the ones that try are not able to be productive.  In the end, the allure of the beach and the island are competing with mediocre leadership skills and lackluster effort.  This foreshadows the breakdown of their society that is soon to come.

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