What is the significance of the title " A Good Man is Hard to Find"?

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The two characters who most believe that "a good man is hard to find," as Red Sammy says to the grandmother, are both quite deceived about their own goodness, and the title helps to draw attention to the irony of their misconceptions. The grandmother believes it is important to dress well for the car ride so that, if there is an accident, people driving by will know that she was "a lady." However, she is also a racist who is selfish and lies to her family. Red Sammy is a slovenly man who is rude to his wife, telling her to "quit lounging on the counter" and later dismissing her with a "'That'll do'" when she tries to be a part of the conversation. He has a flea-ridden monkey chained to a tree and serves greasy food to people with few choices. However, because he let two young men "charge" some gas (i.e. not pay for it, with a promise to pay later) and laments that people nowadays are untrustworthy, the grandmother behaves as though they are kindred spirits. Red Sammy and the grandmother...

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