what is the significance of the title the beautiful ones are not yet born?

roda04 | Student

Someone is to be born more beautiful than before.

roda04 | Student

Considering its literal meaning of the phrase, "beautiful ones are not yet born," this simply means that there will be somebody who will be born more beautiful than today. On the other hand, the word beautiful does not only refer to the external part of one's being, but it could be meant for something that truly defines one's aesthetic beauty. We can say ugly if we are reffering to thedispleasurefacial expression of a person. We can say bad or evil if we are referring to the inappropriate attitude and behavior of a person. These are the two sides of being beautiful. Looking into its significance, this speaks of ideal possibility despite social challenges we encounter today. This simply tells us that we can still do something to improve our weaknesses in order to attain the so-called sustainable development. Nevertheless, the rise of the beautiful ones are not those who seek for pleasure and not even display how strong they can be in the society; but, can be the epitome of the real beauty which God has entrusted to mankind, that is language. This is God's greatest gift that defines who we are and what we are. If we have strong culture, we can build a nation because we are all united.

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