What is the significance of the title "Beast from Water" in Chapter 5 of Lord of the Flies?

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The title of chapter 5 corresponds to Percival's observation regarding the location of where the beast supposedly resides. At the beginning of chapter 5, Ralph holds an assembly to discuss the necessary tasks that the boys are continually neglecting. After Ralph criticizes the group of boys for refusing to complete agreed upon tasks, he says that they must make a decision regarding the beast's identity and conclude that there is nothing to it. Initially, the older boys comment that large, carnivorous animals only inhabit "big countries like Africa and India." After the older boys logically conclude that no such animal can inhabit the small island, a littlun named Percival mentions that the beast comes out of the sea. The conversation quickly shifts as Maurice says, "Daddy said they haven't found all the animals in the sea yet" (Golding, 67). The boys immediately begin arguing, and Simon says that maybe the beast does exist. Percival's comment about the beast coming from the sea presents a possibility that it might still exist, and chaos ensues shortly after he makes the statement. Since nobody can be certain that the beast does not live in the sea, the possibility of its existence remains, and fear continues to affect the boys' peace of mind.

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During Ralph's disorganized meeting just before dusk in Chapter 5, the realities of the beast become more clear. Ralph, Simon and Piggy attempt to calm the littluns, telling them there is no beast. Even Jack believes there is no beast, but he also recognizes that the real beast--the fear within the boys--is a powerful weapon, and he brings up the possibility of a tangible beast. It is one of the littluns, Percival, who whispers to Jack, telling him that he believes the beast comes from the sea. This quiets the boys, who now have a second possible beast to consider. Another boy, Maurice, tells the boys that "Daddy said they haven’t found all the animals in the sea yet." Jack promises to kill any beast that roams the island, and he leaves, taking a number of the boys with him. It is the beginning of the breakdown of order on the island, and the fear of the new beast becomes real within the boys.

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