What is the significance of these characters in Macbeth?Macbeth Lady Macbeth Banquo Fleance The Witches Duncan Macduff Malcolm

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Macbeth - lead character who is faced with greed and ambition

Lady Macbeth - Macbeth's wife. Once she learns of the possibility that Macbeth will be king someday, she can't help herself and goes after the crown in a disturbingly greedy way. When Macbeth falters, she makes him go through with the murder. She is avery powerful character.

Banquo - Macbeth's best friend. He eventually is killed by Macbeth's men because he seemingly "knows too much."

Fleance - Banquo's son. He gets away and Macbeth has to keep him in mind against his crown.

The Witches - The witches set the entire story in motion. They make the prophecies and are somewhat responsible for everything that happens in the play.

Duncan - The king of Scotland. Macbeth kills him in an effort to take over the crown.

Macduff - a foil character to Macbeth. He kills him in the end, but he also makes clear to the reader Macbeth's faults.

Malcolm - One of the sons of King Duncan. Donalbain is the other son.


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