Storyteller Questions and Answers
by Leslie Marmon Silko

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What is the significance in the story, "Storyteller," by Leslie Silko? What is the connection to the Native Am. Renassiance? I'm trying to understand more about Native American Literature and why it is so important to our literature today.  I'm trying to find out more about American Ethnic literature, and what that means.  Can someone help me out, I need some direction.

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Leslie Marmon Silko is a well-known and respected name in Native American literature. She has written poems, short stories and novels. Her first and most famous novel was entitled Ceremony. She is considered part of the literary movement known as the Native American Renaissance, which simply refers to an increase in literary works produced by Native Americans after the groundbreaking novel by Pulitzer Prize winner and Native American N. Scott Momaday in 1968 entitled House Made of Dawn. Silko’s writing focuses on the evil effects colonialism and capitalism have had on indigenous peoples. In Storyteller, a Native American girl is punished for refusing to learn English and forsake her culture, for example. To Native Americans, stories are an important part of life. It is how they hand down their history. In Silko’s...

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