The Lady with the Pet Dog Questions and Answers
by Anton Chekhov

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What is the significance of the setting in "The Lady with the Pet Dog"? In particular what is the significance/point of Gurov and his daughter's conversation about the weather: "It's three degrees above zero, yet it's snowing... But it's only warm on the surface of the earth, the temperature's quite different in the upper layers of the atmosphere" "Papa, why isn't there thunder in the winter?"

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Yes, the description of the weather at the beginning of the fourth section of this great short story is rather curious. Yet, if we read it in the context of the rest of this section, we can draw some parallels between Gurov's situation and the weather. The key description to focus on is the way that the temperature is drastically different depending on where you are in the atmosphere:

"You see it is only above freezing close to the ground, the temperature in the upper layers of the atmosphere is quite different."

This presents the theme or concept of duality. Just as on the ground, the temperature can be freezing,...

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