Analyze the emotional significance of the setting in "The Destructors."

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The hollowed out car park in which the gang meets is significant in its own emotional implications.  The gang meets not in a communal setting of home or some type of atmosphere where there is nurturing.  The gang meets in a car park, an area where cars enter and leave.  It is an example of dehumanizing setting for machines.  There is no emotional connection in such a condition.  At the same time, the fact that it is hollowed out by the bombing adds to the fact that there is no emotional foundation upon which the build.  The gang feels no connection to the setting because there is no emotional connection present.  There is only the gutted remains of the blitz.  At the same time, this helps to bring about how the gang themselves feel no emotional connection to one another.  They abandon Blackie's role as leader when Trevor offers something "better" or even something merely "different."  In this, there is no real emotional support present. The setting is devoid of emotions.  This is significant because it brings out that the emotional climate of London in the time is one of emotional disconnect.  This is contrary to the mythology of London during the Blitz, where Londoners are shown to be cohesive in total and ceaseless support of one another.  This condition of London shows that the physical emptiness of the bombing and the war's violence is revisited and appropriated by the survivors, who lack any real connection to what is left because there is nothing left upon which to build emotional attachment.  It is here where the setting of the story reflects the emotional quotient, or lack of it, that guides its trajectory.

deww6 | Student

The destructors is set just after world war two. They have seen many different forms of destrcution which would have traumatized them. The actual story stars in a carpark which had bombed iduring the war. All of this would have caused the Wormsly common gangs idea of destruction. They would have grown up with destruction ene they would think it as acceptable and ok. I hope this answers your question. If you have any furhter questions I will be happy to answer