What is the significance of the setting in "All My Sons"?

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The setting of the play in Joe Keller's backyard is significant because it shows the intimate relationship between Joe's home and business lives. The setting reinforces Joe's self-image as a hard-working family man. He's better off than most people in his community, and the safety and security that his hard work has brought him separate Joe and his family from society.

It's this separation which is exemplified by Joe's sharp business practices. His decision to supply what he knows full well are defective cylinder heads demonstrates Joe's lack of social responsibility. Isolated in his own little family and business world, he's lost sight of the bigger picture, of his moral responsibility toward the fighter pilots whose safety is jeopardized by his greed for the almighty dollar. Joe's headlong pursuit of the bottom line hasn't just separated him from his local community; it's also alienated him from his basic humanity. Joe's backyard represents the little bubble that he's constructed for...

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