What is the significance of reading?intensive and technical answer.

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The ability to read and comprehend what has been read is significant for many reasons.

Through reading and comprehending, humans acquire knowledge and understanding of the world around them. This allows us to cooperate and accomplish tasks that we would not be able to do without instructions and/or examples. We are able to apply knowledge gained from past experiences and progress further than those who have gone before because we can read about, and thereby avoid repeating, mistakes made in the past. Reading allows humans to gain understanding of different experiences and viewpoints from other cultures and times in history, creating appreciation for the variety of possibilities in life and opening opportunities for new adventures and creations. Reading allows for sharing of data that can further research and support development of technology and/or practices that may preserve or improve life for future generations. On a purely individual level, reading allows each of us to expand our personal horizons of awareness through vicarious experiences and through encountering knowledge and situations we would not otherwise have.

user1680575 | Student

Reading able you to understand things that are written. It can improve your knowledge and vocabulary. It enhances your imagination. And most importantly, through reading, you can acquire relevant informations that can add to your life.

niklyn1027 | Student

Reading is imperative for each individual and can be used by each individual differently.  Each of us must be able to read in order to fill out basic forms, understand road signs, and know which door to use. Reading can also be used to understand history and cultures. By reading we are not left to what others tell us about subjects, but we are given the ability to research and using primary sources develop our own conclusions.  Reading also allows us to gain knowledge on any number of subjects that we find interesting.  Reading can also be a magical experience that allows us to use our imagination to "see" what authors want us to see. For lovers of fiction writing, reading is the great escape. Whether we enjoy science fiction or romance, reading gives us the ability to create worlds in our head based on authors writings.

harini11 | Student

Through reading you can improve vocabulary, knowledge. Speed reading helps you to understand things quickly. You can get help from private tutors of tutorz site to help you in reading.