What is the significance of the number 2222.5?

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You had me intrigued by the question given you posted it under literature and not math. So, I decided to do a little digging and here is what I found about the significance of the number 2222.5 in literature.

This number is found in the Index of Middle English and is thought to be an epitaph of William Caxton. The epitaph reads "Mother of mercy shield him from th'orrible fiend. And bring him to love eternal that never has to end" (my translation--may differ).

Actual verse is as follows:

Moder of merci shyld hym from thorribul fynd
And bryng hym to lyff eternall that neuyr hath ynd.

William Caxton was born between 1415-1422 and died in 1492. He worked as a writer and is supposedly the first person to bring the printing press to England. One of the books that I found, which he wrote, was The Game and Play of the Chesse. One curious fact about him is that it was he who formally adopted the spelling of ghost as it is spoken today featuring the silent "h" (this was based upon the influence which Dutch spelling had on him).


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