What is the significance of Lockwoods dream, and the subsequent reaction of Heathcliffe and his character development.

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In the novel 'Wuthering Heights' by Emily Bronte, the character called Lockwood to whom the story is narrated by the housekeeper, has to spend the night in the creepy gothic house. Whether it is the ghost of Cathy of just his Gothic surroundings that causes the dream is open to debate. My reading of it interpreted the event as extending the theme of restless unfulfilled immortality - in other words a person who has died but is not 'at rest' or 'in heaven.' The 'ghost' or 'soul' has unresolved issues and therefore cannot rest as it tries over and over to work them out. This echoes Heathcliffe's own restlessness and inability to be at peace with himself ever - either when Cathy is alive or when she is dead - or even when  he goes as far as to actually get into her grave.

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