What is the significance of the last stanza of "Grandmother" by Sitakanth Mahapatra?"That day I realized for the first time How every weeping act in this life Is performed in a hidden way, secretly."

Expert Answers
Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The poem "Grandmother" by Sitakanth Mahaptra movingly looks the psychology of grief, especially the acceptance and bearing of sorrow.  Even though the tone of most of the poem is very restrained and detached, the final stanza allows the reader a more  personal view of the speaker's grief at the death of the grandmother.  This final moment in the poem, the speaker's realization of "how every weeping act in this life is performed in a hidden way, secretly," reinforces the significance of the grandmother to the speaker. 

The earlier stanzas in the poem were so devoid of any emotion, making it seem as though the speaker did not care very much for the grandmother; only at the end does the reader see the first glimmer of emotion and understand that the speaker has been affected deeply by the loss of the grandmother.  The final stanza, because of its emotional content, makes the previous stanzas and imagery all the more meaningful and ends the poem in a powerful, heart-breaking way.