What is the significance of the hurricane and rabid dog at the end of the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God? Are these events over which she has control?

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In the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie is a protagonist who struggles with dependence on men as she grows into a more decisive and independent person. She is involved in three marriages, but the third one is the best—it is a marriage in which she has met someone who brings her happiness and is not, like her prior husbands, controlling.

In this sense, Janie has already found a measure of freedom when she meets and marries Tea Cake, who treats her more like an equal. She is more free because she is able to choose someone she wanted, rather than having the choice made for her (her first marriage was forced by family) or choosing out of a sense of security (her second husband doted on her).

The climax of the novel occurs when a destructive hurricane hits Janie's home and community. She is forced to deal with flooding, devastation, and fear. At the same time, a rabid dog bites Tea Cake, and she is powerless to help him as he goes insane and becomes dangerous. He has to die in order for...

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