What is the significance of the "Glorious Revolution in Britain (1688-1689)" in history?

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The Glorious Revolution is extremely significant in world history because it helped to make England more democratic.  When England became more democratic, it ended up helping to cause the idea of democracy to spread.  This helped to create the world we now live in where many parts of the world have democracies and many others aspire to it.

The Glorious Revolution’s immediate impact was to strengthen Parliament and weaken the British monarchy.  In other words, it helped to entrench the idea that the sovereign power in England should be held by an elected parliament.  It is true that Parliament was not perfectly democratic after the Glorious Revolution and it is true that the monarch still held some power.  Even so, this revolution created a system where an elected body held the bulk of the power.

In time, this became important even outside of England.  The United States was created by people who were inspired in part by the Glorious Revolution.  The colonists had lived for decades with the idea of a sovereign elected body and they wanted one of their own.  This helped influence them to create a republic when they became independent.  The movement toward greater democracy spread from there across Europe and later to other parts of the world as well. 

The Glorious Revolution, then, played a major part in helping to bring greater levels of democracy to the world.