Segregation and the Civil Rights Movement

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Freedom Riders Significance

What is the significance of the Freedom Rides to the Civil Rights Movement?

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Short Answer:  The Freedom Rides have great significance to the Civil Rights Movement in the following ways:  they provided a real-life example that inspired many to take immediate action for more civil rights, they inspired many back people in the rural South to act against their infringements, they forced federal law enforcement to cooperate with local law enforcement in order to safeguard civil rights, and they helped for the base for a bigger civil rights moment (eventually leading to massive voter registration, freedom school, etc.).

Long Answer:  It would be unfair to answer this question without truly delving into exactly what the Freedom Rides are.  Interestingly enough, it is the Freedom Riders who are spoken of more than the Freedom Rides themselves, and that is because it took such courage to lead this movement.  Basically, the Freedom Rides were bus routes taken in 1961 and beyond by the Freedom Riders who rode commercial buses from state to state through the deeply...

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