what is the significance of forest of arden in the play as you like it? explain in detail.what is the significance of forest of arden in the play as you like it? explain in detail.

hbakir | Student

The Forest of Arden is used by Shakespeare for many reasons. It is used to show the difference between city life and country life. It is also used to present scenes of love, merry and simplicity which are lacked in city. All the characters in the Forest return to their normality after living in chaos in the city.  

frootie15 | Student

moreover the forest of arden also turned duke frederick and oliver to be a good man. in the later part of the play we also see that touchstone becomes serious and more devoted for his love for audrey. So i feel the forest of arden changed the character of touchstone, oliver and duke frederick. 

jenniffer | Student

the forest of arden helps show thhe reality of every charecter in the play.the first scene in the forest(act2scene1)lays the foundation of the pastoral world.

zico | Student
the significant of this forest is to show the reality of every character i mean that the forest of arden help ganymede to be the catalyst of this play
sanjiwan | Student

The straightforward answer will be that it is the setting of the play. Mr Thomas Lodge used it in his novel Rosalyndein which Shakespeare based his ``As You Like It``on .Besides, the present day location of the forest arden is in France which should not be confused with the Arden forest of England.

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