What is the significance of the fact that Curly's wife appears to want to spend some time talking to Crooks,Candy and Lennie, 'the weak ones' as she says.

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bcsaund eNotes educator| Certified Educator
The significance is that she too is one of the "weak ones" she is describing. She is pretty harsh to these characters in Crooks' room because she is trying to feel "above" them in a sense. Steinbeck intentionally puts these four characters together in Crooks' room because they all are the outcasts of the larger outcast group of migrant workers. They all have a type of disability for the time period of the novel whether it be race (Crooks), gender (Curley's wife), physical (Candy), or mental (Lennie). She feels completely isolated and alone being the only female so she craves attention even if it is with these outcasts or "bindle stiffs" as she calls them.
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