Electoral College

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What is the significance of the Electoral College in the U.S. History?

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I would say that, in general, the Electoral College is much more significant in the study of American government than it is in the study of United States History.  However, there have been some times when it was significant for US history as well.

I would argue that the Electoral College was most significant to US history when it was created.  This was when the Constitution was written and ratified in the 1780s.  At that time, the creation of the Electoral College helped allow some people to accept the Constitution.  The Electoral College was a way of satisfying both the people who wanted...

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The electoral college is a very important part of the United States political system. Its purpose is for all the states to have representation when choosing a president. The problem with the EC is that it over rides the national popular vote and allows candidates to win enough votes through the bigger states to win. The EC allows the candidate to act independently without having to please congress so they vote for him.