The Awakening Questions and Answers
by Kate Chopin

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What is the significance of Edna choosing suicide in the end?

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Kate Chopin'sThe Awakeningends with Edna Pontellier's suicide after a long period of self-realization. This self-realization leads her to conclude that life, as she has come to know it, does not fit her mindset any longer. Additionally, she also realizes that society's expectations of her do not correspond to the way in which she views herself, as a member of it.

Rather than spending the rest of her life in the droll boredom of a loveless marriage, and sacrificing herself under a frail instinct for motherhood, she takes the initiative of exploring her true emotions. To her disadvantage, these emotions can only be explored by leaving behind her duties as a wife and mother: by engaging in a love affair, and by removing herself physically and mentally from her family's company.

She had said over and over to herself: “To-day it is Arobin; to-morrow it will be some one else. It makes no difference to me, it doesn't matter about Léonce Pontellier—but Raoul and Etienne!” She understood...

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