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What significance did administrator Peter Neffenger have on the TSA?

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Peter Neffenger became the TSA administrator in July of 2015 during a difficult time for the agency. Staffing shortages and new technology implementation meant that security lines at airports were terribly long. Wait times at many major airports often exceeded ninety minutes at the time. Neffenger is credited for effectively redirecting resources within the TSA to handle what could have become a crisis for the agency. He also collaborated with other governmental agencies and private entities, primarily airlines and airports, to find the resources to mitigate this issue. Neffenger was able to secure more funds from Congress and hire many more full-time workers. Neffenger's management has been credited with vastly reducing wait times without compromising essential security. Neffenger also oversaw an expansion of the TSA PreCheck program.

Neffenger also took his position at a bad PR moment for the TSA. An inspector general’s report showing large lapses in security detection had just been leaked to the public. Neffenger addressed this by revamping training programs within the agency. Part of this involved the creation of the TSA Academy in Glynco, Georgia. All TSA agents were required to receive training there. Neffenger's actions are credited with simultaneously reducing wait times for travelers and increasing overall security at ports and airports.

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