What is the significance of Diana in Fifth Business by Robert Davies?

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Diana Marfleet—who Ramsay at first refers to as the pretty nurse—is the one who gives Ramsay his new name, Dunstan. She also has an impact on who he is as a person.

Diana is twenty-four and tells the narrator that her fiance was lost when Aboukir was torpedoed. Ramsay says they get along very well and that she did everything from washing him to giving him the bedpan without making him feel self-conscious. Ramsay has a lot of admiration for her and says that he got better more quickly because he wanted to please her.

Diana tells him that he was marked as dead and that he received a posthumous reward. As they spend time together, she helps refine Ramsay's behavior. For example, he says, "she also stopped me from eating like a man who might not live until his next mouthful." He expresses gratitude for what she does.

Ultimately, Diana gives Ramsay his new name: Dunstan. She uses port to christen him as such. He believes that this gives him new freedom and a new personality, which is...

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