what is the significance of the closing scene in Hamlet ?i have a report due . and really cant come up with an answer to put in my homework . ughhh x(

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The closing scene in Hamlet provides a restoration of order and and fit ending for the plot.

As expected in a tragedy, most of the main characters end up dead on stage.  Gertrude is killed by accidentally ingesting poison meant for Hamlet.  Her death spurs Hamlet, finally, to act.  He learns from Laertes that both he and Laertes will die from the poisoned sword.  Finally, Hamlet is able to muster the courage and power to exact his revenge on Claudius.

Beyond this, the audience learns that Hamlet's true story will live on through Horatio, who is thwarted by Hamlet from drinking the poison as well.

Finally, Denmark will have a capable leader in Fortinbras, who happens upon the carthage minutes after its conclusion.  Even though an enemy country has taken over, Fortinbras has proven himself logical and able while also recognizing Hamlet's greatness by offering him a soldier's burial.

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