What is the significance of classroom mangement for toddlers and elementary school age children?What is the significance of classroom mangement for toddlers and elementary school age children?

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Karen P.L. Hardison | College Teacher | eNotes Employee

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The significance of classroom management is that, for better or worse, the behavior learned, developed, maintained within the classroom is the behavior that will dog the young child or young person all through life: at home, with friends, in the workplace, and in romance. The classroom is the crucible of what society will suffer and become.

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Classroom management at this age, toddlers and elementary, help to establish understanding of the adherence to rules later in life. Normally, the entering into school is the first time where young children must adhere to rules other than the ones their parents have set. Therefore, the management of these young minds is very important--not only for their new lives in school, but for the rules which will be established for the rest of their lives.

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I would want to add to the excellent post above that routine and boundaries actually help make children feel secure. Lack of boundaries and routine do not help children feel safe and therefore negatively impact their learning experience and their capacity to learn and enjoy education. Discipline is therefore incredibly important for all ages, not just for toddlers.

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Routine is a major way to reduce the stress that the education system can have on some children. With clear guidelines and expectations, a safe environment is created where academic and social learning can take place constructively.

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Children are creatures of habit and routine.  The better planned your classroom management is, the more consistent and organized your routine, the better they will respond to you, the more they will learn.  It is important to have your management approach established from the first day, as it is much easier to establish it early than it is to regain it later.

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For me, it's mainly that a lot of children need structure in their classrooms if they are to learn.  My older daughter is like that.  She tends not to do as well (emotionally) in class when people aren't behaving the way they are supposed to.  She is much happier this year with a teacher who is more strict than she has had before.

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Young children in a classroom setting must be in an environment that is safe and comfortable for all the children, so good classroom management is a must. Children at a young age need to learn how to socialize and negotiate with one another appropriately, and a clear management style or plan is part of the learning that is going on in that classroom.

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This is an important question. Classroom management is important for all ages and this includes toddlers and elementary school aged children. There are several reasons for this.

All children need to learn boundaries. It seems that one of the innate tendencies in children is to test boundaries. They want to go as far as they can go. This can be very detrimental to the whole class. So, by managing a class well, you set the limits for children. This is also healthy for them.

Second, a well-managed class sets a good example for children as they move on. If they can learn good classroom behavior early on, it will go a long way towards their stance towards education.

Finally, by managing a class well, you enable other children to learn as well.

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