Explain Caesar’s “Northern Star” speech at the Capitol in Julius Caesar  by William Shakespeare. 

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The year is 44 B.C. The conspiracy is in place, and the assassins are armed with their daggers ready to strike.  If Caesar is crowned during the meeting of the senators, then the assassination will take place. 

The plot includes a few of the conspirators distracting Caesar while the others move closer to Caesar without him realizing what is happening.  One of the plotters asked Caesar to rescind his brother's banishing from Rome.  Caesar begins to explain why he will not return Cimber's brother.

These are the points that Caesar makes in his monologue:

If I were like you,  I could be persuaded to change my mind.

If I prayed to God and he asked me to change it, I would do it.

I am the Northern Star.

There are other stars in the firmament, but they burn up or shine.

But there is only one constant: the Northern star.

And I, Caesar am the same.  Unshakable in my decisions, I have determined that Publius Cimber will remain in exile.

Ironically, as he tells the senate that he is as permanent as the Northern Star, the conspirators move in and begin to stab him to death.

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