What is the significance of The Book of Revelation in Fahrenheit 451?I need this answered for a summer assignment due on the first day of school. Please hurry with an answer! Thanks!

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The Book of Revelation attempts to provide a sense of justice in The Bible.  One of the powerful aspects of the Book of Revelations is that it is very clear on the idea that wrongdoers will be punished in the name of justice and fairness.  Perhaps, Bradbury is making the same connection in his work.  I would examine the last two paragraphs for yourself and sense to see what ideas are brought out in them.  Are these paragraphs talking about some type of judgment being delivered or some type of closure being addressed?  If so, then your Book of Revelation is reaffirmed and supported.  However, if you are reading the last two paragraphs and it seems like there is not much closure and not much in way of a judgment where good wins over evil, than the use of the Book of Revelation is to set up a type of irony, or distance between what is and what should be.  In your own reading of the last two paragraphs, you might be able to conjure up a fairly strong writing sample in connecting Bradbury's work to The Book of Revelation.

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The Book of Revelation in the Bible is about the end times and the judgment that God will send because of man's sin and rejection of Him. It ends with God's redemption of those who have trusted in Him.

I think that the connection being made is the idea of destruction of those that have committed the "sin" of suppressing free thought. The outcasts believe that eventually the world will need philosophy and literature again, and they are preserving it for that time, much like the remnant of Israel in the Book of Revelation. When the time for redemption comes, they will be ready. Until the time comes, they will be faithful to their course, and recruit as many others as possible.

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The answer to this question is very simple, that is the temperature in which books are burned.  And since this story is about the burning of books and controlling society, as well as a "fireman" realizing that books are not the root of all evil, this has become the title.

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What would be considered the last two paragraphs? Would they be in 'Burning Bright', 'Afterword', or 'Coda'?

At the end of Burning Bright, you will see the referration back to Revelation.

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Thank you so much! It also asks "How do the final two paragraphs of the novel allude to the biblical book?". If you could help me with that one as well, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!