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Why is the Gospel of Luke, found in the New Testament portion of the Christian Bible, important to Christian believers today?

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The authorship of the book of Luke is commonly attributed to a man sometimes called Luke the Evangelist; believed to actually be a physician, he also wrote this detailed account of the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth and the years of the early church.  It is the third of the four gospels that are sometimes called the "canonical" or "synoptic" gospels; of all four of these, the book of Luke is often particularly meaningful to followers of Christianity because of the weaving of historical narrative with theological philosophy as it related to Jesus.  eNotes/Wikipedia describes Luke's commentary on Christianity as follows:

The author portrays Christianity as divine, respectable, law-abiding. . . .Jesus' compassion extends to all who are needy, women are important among his followers, the despised Samaritans are commended, and Gentiles are promised the opportunity to accept the gospel.

Perhaps more so than the other gospels, Luke's lengthy account focuses a great deal on what were then fairly revolutionary values, values now associated with Christianity that most people probably not argue with:  serving those in need, assisting the poor, showing compassion for the people that are often made to feel unimportant, irrelevant, or unworthy.  Jesus hung around with some interesting people, and the reasons for this are well-explained in the book of Luke. 

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