Hard Times Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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What is the significance of Blackpool's name in Hard Times?

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Stephen Blackpool's name is significant in the story "Hard Times" because he is a man who does not seem to get out of falling victim of the muck of society, even though he is a good man.

He was a displaced worker who only wanted to work to be able to make his own living. Conditions were horrid in England at the time that industrialization was on the advent, hence, the word around was bleak, dark, and dirty not only in the atmosphere of it all, but in the attitudes of people.

To top his misery, he was accused of a robbery that he would have never committed, and his name was soiled in the city until the day of his acquittal.

In addition to this, Blackpool is also the name of a sister city of Liverpool, which was given the name of Blackpool for its industrial, darkened surroundings. Therefore, he is also surrounded by polluted people and by the mentality that arises as a result of the survival of the fittest that occurs in a society whose lower classes are feeling the crunch of an unfair economy that only benefits the rich and the upper-middle classes.

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