What is the significance of the Battle of the Coral Sea?

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There are two major significances to this battle, which was fought in the South Pacific in May of 1942.

First, this was the first major military engagement in the war in the Pacific that the Americans and their allies did not lose.  It was really a draw, but the Allies had been losing everything else so it seemed like a win.

Second, it slowed the Japanese in their attempt to cut Australia off from Allied shipping.  If they had managed this, the US would not have had a staging area from which to start to attack towards Japan.

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Battle of the Coral Sea was fought in May 1942. It was the first naval battle fought entirely by carrier-based aircraft.  Opposing Japanese and U.S. warships did not fire a single shot at an enemy ship. In this battle United States carrier-based aircraft defeated Japanese naval air units in the central Pacific Ocean.  Both sides launched more than 100 aeroplanes the battle.  This battle, along with Midway Island battle demonstrated the absolute dependence of a surface battle fleet on its air arm.

This battle took place when a Japanese invasion force sailing toward Australia's base at Port Moresby on the south coast of the island of New Guinea, was intercepted by American warships in the Coral Sea, northeast of Australia. In this battle neither side won a clear victory.  However,  it  temporarily checked the Japanese threat to Australia.

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