What is the significance of Amir's lip getting split in two? (a scar will remain)?difference between pashtuns, n harzaras

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In the book The Kite Runner, Amir and Hassan grow up with each other. Hassan is a Hazara which is a group of people descended from the Mongoloids. Hazaras are considered to be the dirt of the society. Amir is a Pashtuns and his father has money and power. Amir is very jealous of their servant boy despite him being his playmate and the one who always sticks up for Amir. Amir is very jealous of Hassan. Hassan is born with a harelip and has surgery at Amir's father's expense. Amir lets Hassan down by not protecting him when Hassan is raped by Assef. Amir also sets Hassan up as a thief while trying to get his father to reject him. Later, we learn that his father was also Hassan's father, but Baba never claimed him because he was ashamed to. After Amir learns that the now deceased Hassan had a child who was taken by the Taliban, he goes to save him and in the process fights with Assef. The scar is symbolic of Hassan's harelip and Amir's life going full circle as he gains atonement for his actions when he was young.
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