What is the significance of the African American woman's saying about the bruise,"You just had you a little fall" in relation to the rest of the story in "Revelation"?

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Mrs. Turpin puts her needs above those of others, and her opinions over those of others.  If it is not happening to her, it is not important.  When the old woman talks to Mrs. Turpin, even those she is expressing sympathy and good will, Mrs. Turpin gets annoyed. 

We were 'in town at the doctor's office for where the cow kicked Mr. Turpin," Mrs. Turpin said in a flat tone that indicated they could leave off their foolishness. 

Mrs. Turpin looks down on the “Negroes” as a matter of habit.  She has already been told that she is “an old wart hog from hell” by someone she deemed inferior.  Now the black woman is talking to her about a fall.  She simply cannot wait to get away from the harsh truth. 

Unfortunately, Mrs. Turpin cannot get away from the truth.  She has a vision in the hog parlor that confirms the revelation she had in the doctor’s office.  She is not better than anyone else.


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