Of what significance is the setting in "The Destructors"?

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

London has been "blitzed" during WWII, meaning that it has been bombed and torn down by the events of war.  The boys are tearing down their own barriers.  They have rejected the leadership of adults and have established their own heirarchy.  They have taken control of the empty lot and plan to make an incursion into Mr. Thomas' house, just as the Germans were trying to make an incursion into England.  Greene is mimicking the events of the war in a smaller setting, and uses London to reinforce that analogy.

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im from turkey and have just started having ib program. are these questions and stories are similar for all students in that kind of programs? because i have this book called stories of ourselves and my teacher gave me the same story and the same questions people asked here. if these are all the same what is the difference between ib and ap?

gitacheerath | Student

Setting creates a sense of forbode that exists in the adult world as well as the world of children. It also helps us to understand that only rational thoughts and sanity will save this world from destruction. It is important to set good role models because beneath the exterior we are still animals and it is important to keep this in check. In the short story we see that destruction knows no boundaries, it can be a friend or foe but the crucial act to to release their animalistic tendencies.

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yeah i have the same book for my AP English Lit class......very sophisticated...but the 1st commentor's answer was extremely helpful.

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OKay, so I have to ask. You got the question straight from an AP English book titled, Perrine's Literature Structure, Sound, and Sense right? Because thats the question word for word I am answering right now for homework. lol I thought that was pretty cool.