What is a signficant quote in act 4, and why is it important in the play? what does the quote reveal about plot progressions, themes, character development, or anything else important?

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Othello has been outside and is speaking to Iago, Iago's scheme of planting the suspicion of Desdemona's affair with Cassio is about to come to fruition.  The way that Iago has continually planted seeds in Othello's mind leads the general to exclaim:

Lie with her! lie on her!—We say lie on her, when
they belie her.—Lie with her! 'Zounds, that's fulsome!
Handkerchief—confessions—handkerchief! To confess(45)
and be hanged for his labor first, to be hanged, and then
to confess. I tremble at it. Nature would not invest herself
in such shadowing passion without some instruction. It
is not words that shakes me thus. Pish! Noses, ears, and
lips. Is't possible? Confess?—Handkerchief?—O devil!(50)

Iago's plan has succeeded and at this expression, Othello falls into a fit signifying the end in some ways of his rational being, he will now be completely in bondage to Iago's scheme and the suspicion that has been planted in his brain.

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