what is the signficance of singing

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wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Singing has many purposes. Some religions use signing as a way to worship and praise their god(s). Other groups use singing as a form of art. Singing can be considered similar to any musical instrument. The biggest difference is that with singing the instrument itself is part of the body. Placing words and music together to create a moving musically piece is a valuable form of art. Singing can also be used as a form of self expression. Many people sing different songs when they are happy than when they are angry. It can be a type of emotional release. Singing is also important in many cultural ceremonies and traditions. Some cultures sing during specific rights of passage like a ceremonial transition from boy to man. Some cultures sing as a part of other traditions such as singing to young children. Many cultures use song to teach important lessons and values to children. Songs can also be used to pass down information or history.
arrellbelle | Student

Singing, like art, is another form of self-expression. Choosing what songs you want to sing shows what type of emotions you are feeling at the time. Also, for some reason, singing helps a lot of people who stutter, since singing prevents them from stuttering. Singing opens up a lot of opportunities for you to be in any music class, like chorus in high school, and helps you make friends with similar interests as you.

jedayana | Student

Singing is like expressing yourself. Some people sing because they feel like that's the only way they can find peace. Sometimes, we are voiceless, we cannot simply tell people how we feel or maybe they just don't want to listen, therefore through singing somehow we could reach their heart..

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