Discuss some of the long term implications of Freud.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would think that one of the most significant long term implications of Freud's work is the idea that there exists something beneath the veneer of social controlled, normative behavior.  This is significant because it helped to bring out a new dynamic in how individuals view social orders and their place within it.  The implications of this are profound in how identity is constructed and how social expectations and personal happiness can exist on both divergent and convergent levels.  I think that this holds significant implications in both sociological and psychological narratives.  Freud was able to bring out the idea that how individuals are raised and how they understand their own childhood experiences play a significant role in how they function as adults.  I would say that this is a long term implication of his thought for ensuring that adulthood involves some level of reconciling the past with the present and the future becomes an essential part of consciousness.  Freud brings light to this.  As a result, the long term implications hold both social and individual relevance.

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