On what side of the Periodic Table are metals located?nope

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you look at the convenient chart located just under the main periodic table on the study guide pasted below, you see that the metals extend from the far left side all the way over to the right side extending just up to the metalloids and leaving only about 1/5th of the chart for other nonmetals and the Halogens, etc.  Of course you may have been asking just for metals and metalloids don't quite count (depending on who is asking) so you will have to look carefully to see which answer works for your question.  Of course, I am assuming you are talking about the more widely used Mendeleev periodic table and not some of the alternative ones?

taangerine | Student

Metals are located on the left side. 

givingiswinning | Student

on the far left

laurto | Student

As you can see, the metals are on the left side. 

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zumba96 | Student

All metals are known to be located on the far left side of he periodic table 

fashionableb1 | Student

the far right

atyourservice | Student

On the far right

astrosonuthird | Student
At the far left side.
etotheeyepi | Student

One of Mendelev's early periodic tables listed the transition metals at the top, the nonmetals near the center, and the alkali-and-alkaline-earthmetals at the bottom.