• What does Shug teach Celie about being loved, and about finding one’s true self? What price does Sofia pay for being her true self?
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    Shug teaches Celie that she is worthy of love but that self-love must come from within. Celie, throughout The Color Purple,comes to see Shug as a lover, friend, and role model. Shug does her best to show Celie that she should be proud of her body. She even advocates for Celie by telling Mr. _____ to treat Celie better. It is through Shug’s encouragement and passion for life that Celie is able to find her voice. With her newfound outlook on life, Celie speaks out against Mr. ____'s abuse and decides to seek better opportunities for herself.

    In the beginning of the novel, Sofia is depicted as a strong-willed and outspoken person. Sofia wasn’t afraid to advocate for herself and was even willing to physically fight her husband when he began beating her. In letter 21, Sophia at one point tells Celie that “All my life, I had to fight” and that she would rather kill Harpo before she lets him beat her.

    Ultimately, Sofia’s...

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