What should I write in the preface and bibliography of my maths project?

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Preface. In the preface section, you should write the topic's history in brief and why you have decided to create the project. For example:

(This topic started in ----  and this mathematician proved this.....i.e. the contribution).

And then you should quote some fundamental definitions and theorems which serve the background of your topic. Then you quote what you want to do in your project tentatively.

Bibliography. It comes last in the project, although while starting the project you have to undergo this topic first. In the bibliography section, you have to mention all the books and materials that you have cited in order to perform your project. The names of authors should be in alphabetical order. You need to list only the books you have actually cited.

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THANKS A LOT LOT SIR..in my project as an acknowledgement i'll surely mention your name.once again THANKS!!!