How is focusing on industrial agriculture beneficial for a nation?

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When a nation starts to grow economically there is usually a major shift from agriculture to industries. With economic growth there is increased consumption and it is important to focus towards increasing efficiency.

As industries take up most of the attention of governments in framing policies beneficial for them and most of the economic resources are diverted in that direction, agriculture is not given the importance it should even though all the food required to feed a growing population originates from there.

Industrial agriculture is a way of improving agricultural efficiency. This can be done with the use of research to create seeds that produce better yielding crops, new fertilizers and pesticides and better planning on the whole. There is also a requirement to store the agricultural produce and process it to increase its nutritional value. Processing of food is also a lot more profitable than the actual production of food.

To ensure that farmers who have not received the benefits they should have due to the economic growth are benefited too, there is always a requirement to switch to industrial agriculture. This decreases the income gap between farmers and those who work in other industries, allow people to benefit by continuing to remain in the field of agriculture and most importantly ensure the food safety of the whole nation.

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