What should you do when some one makes fun of you ,your culture,your country and your clothes?it could be anything except telling an adult

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kiwi eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I find that trying to give information about your culture, beliefs or life choices can have a surprising effect in making someone understand difference better. Of course, there are ignorant idiots who do not wish to understand or accept difference, but there are also people who are afraid of difference and who may at least come to have abroader view of humanity with a little education. An example such as: 'Yes I choose to dress this way as it is a symbol of my faith indicating that...' can leave a critic speechless - which is often enough.

I agree with earlier postings which indicate it is always best not to sink to the level of the ignorant. It is also quite fulfilling to inform on an issue as it is only through education that we bring about change and move away from prejudice. This is never easy, but it is worthwhile.

pippin1313 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I have always found the response "So?" to be really annoying for the person trying it on. They get sick of the repetition plus it gives you something to say. Not saying anything usually just makes someone try even harder to find something that will get under your skin. If they think you find their childish antics boring then they should eventually give up.

Be prepared for the fact that they will probably just keep trying to get you to respond. Whatever you do NEVER cry in front of them. If you have to, hold in and walk away and find somewhere private. As soon as nasty little bullies know they have something that you will react to, they won't drop it.

On a personal note, if you are the victim of this, I'm really sorry that some people are horrible excuses for human beings. Look after yourself!

epollock | Student

I wouldn't respond to that person ever again.  It is usually a sign of attention that they want, not necessarily anything pointed at you, even if they know or don't know you. It actually has nothing to do with you, but a plea for help probably because no one pays attention to them. So they lash out in the only way possible, and that is to hurt people.

Don't give them the satisfaction of a response and avoid them as much as possible.

krishna-agrawala | Student

I understand your situation. It can be really distressing when people make fun of you in this way, particularly when you are alone among many others making fun of you. In a situation like this your anger against the people making fun of you is quite natural. In your anger you might see so many things wrong with your tormentors, and you might be tempted to pay them back in their own coin. But this is no solution.

It is natural tendency for people to like their own culture and be closer to their own type. This does not give right to make fun of people from different culture and background. But unfortunately, even ordinary people do this. Not necessarily all people who make fun of you are more immature, stupid, or evil than average people. Criticizing them in your mind in this way can only lead to your becoming more agitated, whereas the need at this time is to be more calm and composed.

You may be offended at such behaviour, but in most of the situations the best policy is to not to show that you are offended or your feelings have been hurt. The intention of people criticizing you is to make you feel bad, and if they find that they have succeeded in doing so they will be encouraged to continue their offensive behavior. But if they find that you are not disturbed by them, they are less likely to continue their offensive behavior.

Avoiding people who offend you is part of the solution, not a complete solution. There are situation where it is not possible or even desirable to avoid completely all people from different background. But you can try to find people who may be less offensive and try to increase your interaction with others.

It is no use trying to argue about arguing why they are wrong. When you have opportunity to put forward your view the best stand to adopt is to say that while you have nothing against other countries and cultures you are happy with your own. You can also say that while you understand that others do not like your culture, you do not see the need to change yourself.

Of course, concentrating on, and being good at whatever you do also helps to win friends. Try to respond to their ridicule, not by ridicule, but by help and understanding.

In the end, be tough, and bear it with a grin - and also caution. Some problems simply can not be solved in short run.

aj11 | Student

When someone makes fun of you, your culture, your country , and your clothes, it's due to their immaturity and their stupidity. You should try to ignore them. Making fun of their country and making them feel that themselves are being ironic would be the fun way, but if you do it, you would be the same person as them. As long as YOU love your culture and your country. Nothing matters, you have to ignore them. But if you feel hurt from it too much, tell them how great your culture/country is. Probably the ones who are teasing you would be americans, tell them how short their history is and how low spirits and traditions they inherited. You should be proud of yourself of having a heritage