What should you do to help you study for a BIG math test. (FCAT)

Expert Answers

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The most important step is not to wait till the night of the test to study. As your teacher going through the chapter, make sure that you understand all major components.

Next step, review. Most middle and high school books, have a chapter review and a chapter test at the end of every chapter. Go through the chapter review first, usually the problem there are pretty basic, work the applications. Check your answer with the end of the book. If you notice any weakness, go back to that particular section of the chapter and review the major ideas and look at the presolved examples.

Finally, take the chapter test. Check your answer with the end of the book.

Additional resources can be found online. Most major book companies provide online tutoring, quizzes for every section, and chapter tests, as well as an end of book test (consult with your book for more info.)

Always remember, we are here to help you but your major source of info should be your teacher. 


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