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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For starters, you've got the retiring directors of the opera telling the new ones about the Phantom and his demands.  They go against them thinking the entire thing a joke and they receive a letter from the Phantom expressing his displeasure at having his requests ignored.

Then you have a mysterious male voice, the "Angel of Music" speaking to Christine in her dressing room.  She has been told this angel will look after her once her father is gone.  Violin music is heard at her father's grave where she takes her new friend, Raoul.  Raoul is found in the cemetary later on unconscious.  He tells of being attacked by a mysterious cloaked stranger.

The directors of the opera continue to disregard the Phantom's wishes and Christine goes missing after the performance.  Carlotta's voice breaks during the performance which should have been given to Christine, and a chandelier falls on the audience.

No one approves of Raoul's secret engagement to Christine--his brother, her guardian, least of all, the Phantom.  It is no surprise then for anyone other than Raoul when he plops down into a secret chamber in Erik's house called the torture chamber and is trapped there.  They finally escape to a wine cellar where barrels are full of not wine, but gun powder.  Christine's acceptance (the knob fills the wine cellar with water) or refusal (trigger's the gun powder) of Erik's proposal will decide her fate and that of many others.