What should NY do about fracking?What sort of regulations what you want to see?

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ncchemist eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Fracking is the nickname for hydraulic fracturing.  This is the process of injecting a highly pressurized mixture of water and chemicals deep into the ground to free trapped natural gas deposits for collection.  The upside is the production of domestic energy deposits for use.  Natural gas burns cleaner than oil/petroleum and could be an excellent gateway fossil fuel for a transition from oil to renewable sources of energy.  The major downside is environmental concerns.  Two regulations that would be smart for any state involved with fracking to pass would be for a complete disclosure of the exact chemicals used in the process and also a strict monitoring of groundwater contamination.  Some of the chemicals used could be quite toxic to humans; perhaps others could be substituted in their place.  Groundwater contamination from leaking methane is a major concern of fracking.  People who utilize well-based water could be seriously impacted.  Close monitoring of the water supply will be crucial to public health.  Especially in New York where contaminated water could affect the greater New York City municipal water supply and affect millions of people.