What should my thesis sound like if i have to write an essay about the significance of grit, and how this concept has impacted my motivation generally as a student?

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kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A thesis centered on “grit” and one’s academic endeavors necessities some measure of self-examination with respect to a proven willingness to overcome obstacles and achieve objectives in the classroom, and in life.  “Grit,” of course, simply refers to the determination to persevere in the face of adversity.  It is a mental exercise that defines character.  In order to draft a paper on the topic in question, then, the individual student needs to sit back and reflect on whatever obstacles he or she has encountered both within the context of academic studies and in the broader realm of one’s life.  Students from disadvantaged backgrounds may have had to overcome the limitations of a deficient elementary and/or high school background, for instance, which requires additional effort at assimilating into the collegiate environment.  A learning disability, such as dyslexia, autism or attention deficit disorder will certainly have presented obstacles to the academic experience not shared by one’s contemporaries.  A proven willingness to take those measures necessary to achieve academic excellence, including spending extra time studying in the library at the expense of the leisure or social activities that are a major component of the college experience is a measure of one’s character, as is the willingness to confront one’s deficiencies or weaknesses for the purpose of overcoming those challenges. 

It is the rare student who has not encountered some measure of difficulty in school, be it economic in nature, physiological, or social.  Having to work two jobs while holding down a full course load is an example of “grit,” as is navigating the expanse of a university campus from the confines of a wheelchair.  Medical students, most of them, are the embodiment of grit; the mental and physical demands associated with a medical school education, including post-graduate internships and residencies, are extraordinary and demand a level of commitment and perseverance that taxes all but the most gifted, and is all done for the noble purpose of healing the sick.  Grit can be displayed in all manner of school experiences.  A thesis focused on one’s own experiences, then, must draw on one’s own challenges.  To reiterate, grit is a mental exercise.  Sacrifices and exertions that lead to the goal of knowledge provide the basis for the kind of self-examination described in the posted question.  It is, obviously, a very personal exercise, but that is the point.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From the description offered, it sounds like this question is going to be approached from a personalized point of view.  One way to construct the thesis statement can be in a very direct manner:  "My successes as a student have been defined by a sense of grit and focus" or "My motivation as a student has been largely defined by the presence of grit and focused determination."  This is very direct in its approach because it simply states the realistic condition of your background, and can be proven with personalized examples from your own life in the essay.  

I think that this might be the basic approach from which all other forms can be generated.  Another way of framing this could be to adopt a certain reverie in the tone of the thesis statement:  "As far back as I can remember, grit has always been a part of my educational experiences."  You can play around with this, as well.  "I knew I was never the smartest student, but I knew that I was one of the toughest because of the grit that underscored my personal motivation."  In this thesis statement, the initial distinction of "smartest" student helps to highlight the importance of grit in the motivation of your successes.  Finally, you could frame a thesis statement where grit and personal motivation were the only lights in the often darkened condition of academic settings:  "In the times where I struggled the most and faced the most daunting of tasks, I knew that the grit that fed my personal motivation to succeed would never fail me.  It was the candle that lit my way through that darkened path."  These are ways in which the concept of grit in your personal motivation can highlight the narrative of your success.  Ensuring that there are sufficient examples to support this thesis will be critical.