what should men learn from the skylark according to the poem "the skylark" by William Wordsworth? 

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In his poem "To a Skylark" William Wordsworth sings the praises of the delicate creature in his characteristic fashion, inspiring both admiration for the beauty of the poem itself, as well as appreciation for the deeper meaning behind the words.

The skylark is a creature with the ability to sing to the heavens or to nestle in its nest. He has the best of both worlds, spreading joy where he goes in the daytime and receiving comfort when he returns home at night. The nightingale, on the other hand, is limited because it sings only at night - a limitation not imposed on the lark.

If humans could learn to do as the skylark, what a better world it would be! One of the most pressing social problems of our day is "absentee" family members. This problem would be eliminated if we could just realize that it is possible to soar to the greatest heights of life and still enjoy and enrich our homes, be they ever so humble or grand, with our guaranteed return like the lark.

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